Parts & Engine Cleaning Service 

Our number one priority is providing you with the cleanest parts possible. The majority of our cleaning is now done with the latest technology in thermal cleaning. This technique was developed by a company called Cast Welding Technology. 

The process involves heating the parts in a special oven to dry the dirt, scale, and grease. When the parts are dried, we then put them in an airless blaster and blast them clean with stainless cut wire. When the parts come out of the blaster, everything is clean and looks brand new. After degreasing, we do a checkout on parts before any machine work is done. After the parts are machined, they go into a power washer for a post cleaning at 160 degrees with commercial detergent.

We remove all freeze plugs and oil galley plugs when we clean your parts. We feel this is necessary to get parts clean the way they should be.

Schedule Your Cleaning

We do all kinds of cleaning and custom machine work to meet your needs. Ed’s Machine works by appointment only, so be sure to schedule your appointment today. We take a lot of pride in our cleaning, just as we do in our other machine operations.
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