Engine Rebuilding

Engine Rebuilding Shop In Abilene, TX

Are you looking for an engine rebuilding shop that can handle racing engine service and performance engine rebuilding? Ed’s Machine is the performance engine rebuild shop to handle your needs. We work on all types of engines, and our ASE-certified technicians can perform highly skilled work that other auto shops simply can’t do.

Check out some of the engine rebuilding work we offer, and be sure to call to schedule your appointment today.

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Cylinder Head Service

We are proud of our cylinder head shop! We have been making every effort to expand and make changes to go with the new technology being used on the new cylinder heads of today. We have expanded into more and more aluminum head repair. There are even more things coming on line in the future for the repair of the new aluminum heads.

We have a new surfacer to finish the new heads with a smooth finish that the manufacturer requires. We also have pressure test equipment to check aluminum heads before and after repair. We are making an effort to handle the cylinder heads of the future.

*Priced according to the time it takes to complete a job

Our automotive machine shop knows how critical block operations are. This is why all of our block work goes through a visual inspection before any machine work is performed. All work is performed with the newest equipment in the industry. All honing is done by an automatic stroking power hone to give proper finish to cylinders. We do a lot of honing with torque plates and have plates for several engines.

To go along with our block work, we have a Sunnen CH-100 Line Hone for repairing your align bore problems.
Rods and Piston Operations

We offer all kinds of rod and piston work for your vehicle. We try to break our labor operations down based on the time it takes. The more of each operation we do, the less expense there is because of less setup time it takes. We use only the best equipment for our rod and piston operations.

Our crankshaft work is second to none in the Big Country. We feel that the crankshaft is the basis of a good long-lasting engine. All crankshafts will be hot tanked, then shot peened before any machine work is performed. Regular crankshafts will be ground to within manufacture's specifications. The fillet radius will also be ground to proper specifications. All shafts will be micro-polished.
Engine Balancing 

Engine balancing has to do with manipulating the crankshaft mass in the counterweights to allow the rotating and reciprocating forces to be balanced by machining the crank. If your vehicle is running on aftermarket components, such as a different crank, different rods, and/or different pistons, then you need to balance your engine.

We can put together your engine from the ground up. Take your engine to us for repair, rebuild work, or let us suggest the right part you need to complete the engine. 

Call now to schedule an appointment for assembly or other engine work! Ed’s Machine is the preferred diesel engine rebuild shop in Abilene! 
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