Precision Machine Work & Custom Engines

We have experience in engines dating from the 1920s to slant 6 Chryslers and late-model LS and LT Chevy engines. We also perform light-duty diesel engine repair in Abilene, Texas, including Duramax, Cummins and Powerstroke.

Cylinder Head Service

We adapt to new technology needed for today’s cylinder heads, including aluminum head repair. We give new heads the smooth finish required by manufacturers and check aluminum heads before and after repair and cylinder head service in Abilene, Texas.


The foundation of a long-lasting engine, crankshafts are hot-tanked and then shot-peened prior to any machine work. Regular crankshafts and fillet radius are ground within manufacturer’s specifications, and all shafts are micro-polished.

Engine Balancing

If your vehicle runs on after-market components, such as a crank that differs from rods and/or pistons, then it’s important to balance your engine. This process manipulates the crankshaft mass in the counterweights and allows the rotating and reciprocating forces to be balanced by machining the crank.

Block Operations

Because of the critical nature of block operations, we visually inspect them before performing any machine work. Using the newest equipment in the industry, our automatic stroking power hone ensures the proper finish to cylinders. We also hone with torque plates, which we use for various engines. In addition, we have a Sunnen CH-100 Line Hone for repairing align-bore problems.

Rods & Pistons Operations

Using only the best equipment, we break down our labor operations for rod and piston work according to time required.

We have high standards for our work, and we comply with environmental laws

Environmental Standards

To adhere to environmental laws for engine repair, we must include a service charge of 3% of our labor costs for waste management services. This pays for the disposal of hazardous waste generated from cleaning and machining processes in our engine repair shop in Abilene, Texas. It also contributes to the purchase of equipment that reduces the amount of waste generated.